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Children are set up for success by acquiring the necessary skills to pursue their curiosity.

Sai Kung Montessori Student
​​Sai Kung Montessori strives to provide a learning environment that optimally meets the needs of each child during their most crucial years of development.  Children are set up for success by acquiring the skills necessary to triumphantly pursue their curiosity of the world around them.


"As the students independently master new skills and concepts they grow in confidence to overcome their next challenge and a true and life-long love of learning is born." 

Our Casa Dei Bambini environment also encompasses the natural world and the surrounding community. Through interactive experiences with nature and contribution to our community a sense of interconnectedness and global citizenship is fostered.


The Sai Kung Montessori student indulges a natural sense of curiosity, is empathetic to the needs of others, is a confident and creative problem solver and is a self- disciplined and self-motivated learner.

Sai Kung Montessori Student
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