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Language is viewed as the child's creation.


The Language Area


Within the Montessori environment language is viewed as the child’s creation. In the same way the child taught himself to speak he will teach himself to write and to read.


"The child creates his own facility for language based upon what he absorbs from his environment and his level of participation and engagement within that environment."

Through story telling, poems, songs, rhymes and vocabulary enrichment activities the sounds of our language are isolated and quickly associated to their corresponding letters.  With this knowledge the child teaches himself to build phonetic words, how to write and then how to read.


Increasingly more difficult keys to the English language are presented to the child to facilitate fluency. When the child is a fluent reader the concepts of grammar and sentence structure are presented to him.

Sai Kung Montessori offers a bilingual program (Putonghua and English). The Putonghua lessons

and materials mirror those of the English language section described above.

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